I have several questions! Please help!


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I have several questions! Please help!

First off, I am new to this board, so hello all! I am repainting/remodeling the inside of my first house, and boy am I having fun! LOL!

I want to paint all of my trim white. Right now, it is all stained/varnished. I've already sanded some of it, and here is where the questions begin... Should I use oil based or latex? Hi-gloss or semi-gloss? What type of primer should I use?

Also, I would like to spray all of this trim so I have a very smooth finish. I do have some experience with a spray gun--but all my painting has been on cars/trucks, and I have come to find out that this is a little different. BTW, I am removing the trim from the rooms before I paint, so I will be painting it outside. I bought a Campbell Hausfeld General Purpose 5300 (after a nightmarish experiment with my DeVilbiss automotive gun). It does pressure and siphon feed, and has an internal and external mix tip. I've already found out that I have to use the pressure feed setting. This is where it all gets fuzzy. Should I thin the paint, and if so, with what, and how much? Which tip should I use? I know with the internal mix tip, there seems to be no fan adjustment. What pressure should I spray at? Should I do several thin coats, or should I spray it on heavy? I know this is a lot of questions. And I will probably post more questions before this project is over. Sorry! Any advice/opinions is greatly appreciated!
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Use a premium acrylic primer like Bullseye 1-2-3 or Aqua Lock...sticks like stink to a monkey...but sand first...better tooth for the job and it'll look nicer...don't have much experience spraying so other's will need to help you there re: settings for your gun...I'd brush it on myself...latex is fine for the topcoat, others like the smooth levelling of oils (I do), sheen level is your choice.
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