Airless vs. compressed sir sprayers

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Question Airless vs. compressed air sprayers

I do wood working and am considering buying a compressor for use in my garage. One use of the compressor would be for the application of paint, varnishes and other finishes to wood projects such as cabinets, bookcases, desks, entertainent centers, etc.

Some would be paint grade wood projects like garage cabinets and bookcases. Others are furniture grade such as kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers and desks.

Is a compressed air sprayer a good choice for this or would a airless spreyer be best? Are there diferent sprayers for different finishes? Is there a significant difference in the quality of the final finish from different types or manufactures of sprayers.

Thank you for any insight and practical experiences you care to share.


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LaJaco, great questions! In my opinion a compressed air sprayer is what you want. If your desire is strong enough an airless can be overcome for your purposes but is really more suited for volume spraying. You didn't mention HVLP (high volume, low pressure) sprayers but as you look into this it will come up. These are contrary little machines that are very overpriced. They are an attempt by the industry to provide painters in the field with a quality finish gun without having to haul around a compressor. That in itself will tell you that an airless can't do that type of job. I think the HVLP's need a few more years to come along. If you will get the best compressor you can afford and a top of the line gun like a DeBilvis or Binks (shop Ebay for great bargains on guns) you will have what you need. This will also give you a second tool for your projects because you will have a compressor.....Mike
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Thanks for the reply. You were right on about thr HVLP sprayers. The first place I stopped at hit me with that option for a mere $700 +.

You mentioned the best compressor I could afford. I appears to me that cost is more closely associated with the size of the storage tank and hp of the motor. I will be using the compressor primarily for fininsh nailing and painting. The painting will be comparatively small projects, small when compared to painting rooms or exteriors. I assume the duty cyle of the compressor engine will also be relatively low even with a small, say 5 - 8 gallon tank.

Based on this I was considering the pancake type compressors now on the market. Are there other considerations I should take into account that might indicate I need to look at the larger, higher capacity and also more expensive, models?

Also, any ideas on what I need to do in my garage to set up a painting station, such as controlling over-spray, controlling dust and dirt, etc.

Many thanks.

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