Quarter wall paint transition, suggestions please.

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Question Quarter wall paint transition, suggestions please.

Here's a pic of my problem. How do I transition the 2 paint surfaces/colors? One side is the living room, one side is the kitchen. The white in the middle is a 3/4-wall that runs the length of the living room. Circled is the problem area. I thought of moulding on the living room side, but think that may look tacky.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Edited: Adding description to pic...

The 3/4 wall splits the living room & kitchen. So if you were looking down from the peak of the cathedral ceiling the floor plan would look like....

The first pic is as though you where looking straight at the wall that needs painted, with the 3/4 height wall splitting the 2 rooms. The 3/4 wall has a ledge on top, about 6-8 inches wide, that passes over the top, from kitchen to LR. Does this better explain the pic?


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I'm at a loss here. Describe a 3/4-wall?

The longer I looked at the drawing the more illusionary it became, like, I know it can't be an inside corner, but...

If the wall in the LR is 3/4 height, then there must be a valence or fur-out at the top, in which case I'd imagine a problem bringing colours together underneath.

I'll try looking again. Maybe someone else has better vision than I.
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It looks clear to me. It's a peaked ceiling with a wall between the LR and kitchen - but the wall does not go all the up to the ceiling. In other words, I could throw something over the top of the wall from one room to another!! For the 2-color paint job. Could you do the 2 colors in one of the rooms. Make the problem wall all one color - LR and kitchen side. Then paint the other 3 walls of one of the rooms the second color. Assuming the two colors blend well anyway - it could look great, be very dramatic. Second ideaI don't think would look as great - put a horizontal molding perpendicular to the 3/4 wall - then paint one color above. nah, forget that one.
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I think I'm clear now. the second bird's eye shows a straight wall, the first drawing gave the impression of a corner.

Being a cathedral ceiling, I'm expecting that the height above the partition wall would be maybe 4 ft or so??? A few recommendations:
[list=1][*]Paint the two colours to meet each other in a straight vertical line extending from the center of the partition.
[*]Feather the two colours together, blending each out a foot or so. Works OK if they're related colours. This needs to be done ideally with wet paint.
[*]paint a third colour in a vertical stripe the width of the partition wall to serve as a divider.
[*]If the partition is positioned below the ridge of your roof/ceiling line, you could make/have made a piece of moulding the width of the partition wall to extend to the ridge. This could be stained/painted to match trim in either room.

A few ideas, hope they're helpful.
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You can build the wall out with drywall or put a moulding ....a real nice moulding the ones you see on exteroir doors ......they use them usually on exterioors.....it is about 4 - 6 inches thick with grooves in it.....

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