wagner spray gun??? u like?????


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wagner spray gun??? u like?????

I was thinking of buying some spray gun to do my exterior of my house, my fence and maybe my inside walls even... etc.

I cannot afford a $1,000. unit but looked at a wagner spray gun for about $200. Canadian.

What opinions does anyone have?
What kind of all purpose gun would do all my household painting without making me broke.....?

Is there a problem with a massive amount of overspray? Do you really save time by not rolling? Thanks
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Unhappy I wouldnt

You can rent all types of sprayers for anywhere for alot cheaper than buying a wagner.I really would'nt buy a wagner.you also have to consider overspray to cars and other people's houses.Brushing and rolling takes longer but it works.If you could get a calm day with not much wind go rent yourself a sprayer and do it, you'll be done in one day(that is if your house is'nt 5000 sf lol) good luck....
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Mark Nolte
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Wagner? has it's uses; When I painted my louvered closet doors, the power sprayer was vastly quicker than a brush, and a roller wouldn't work. Unfortunately, the louver's slide a little in the frame, so I missed a teensy bit on each one. Never thought of it until I'd put everything away.
My Wagner takes an hour to clean, on top of everything else. I only use it for big jobs.
Then there's thinning. The paint has to be thinned, and that sucks up some more time. Unthinned paint "spits", which requires a complete halt to activities while the glops are wiped off.
Then there's the spray pattern. Mine is just a cone of paint, like from a spray can. If the genius' at Wagner made a tip that put out a "fan" pattern, I wouldn't have runs where the edge of one "cone" overlapped another. (car painters have the "fan" pattern, I've been waiting 5 years for Wagner to figure this out...)
The quart paint container is too small for large jobs; the siphon tubes are too short and take forever to pressurize.
Overspray? I buy my "Goof off" (latex remover) by the gallon, and have a huge bin of rags, both awaiting my next experience with the Wagner.

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