Painting with a spray gun...

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Painting with a spray gun...

I've started to Prime my new basement with a Primer. I have a Brinks spray gun, but when I begin to apply almost nothing comes out. I've tried diluting it quite a bit and more comes out but not enough to cover the wall.

Any suggestions of what I am doing wrong? There are a couple of knobs on the spray gun, but turning them has had almost no effect.

Looks like I will be rolling if I can't get this problem solved.

Is the problem with the primer and when I apply the paint is should go on easier with the spay gun.

Any tips on using a spray gun, proper dilution, techniques, I would appreciate it. I have about 1100 Sq Ft to paint.


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I see nobody else has responded.... I don't have much experience with spray guns, but I would first check the instructions to confirm the settings and paint dilution are correct. Next, make sure the darn thing is working. Fill it with water or paint thinner and try spraying. That will give you a good indication.

If you are painting concrete basement walls, using a roller is not a bad idea. A spray guy could get into the crevices better, but it's not too tough with a roller and brush.

Good luck.
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Thanks for your response.

I actually decides to roll the paint. I was given the spray gun so I didn't have any directions. I would guess that the nozzle was not the right size and that I had to dilute it on top of that.

What I did do is go and buy a power roller from wagner.For the $110 cost it was well worth it. I had about 1100 sq ft plus ceilings to paint and the roller has done a good job. The only downfall is that I will have to go back over it for a second coat(Though I would have probably done that anyway). I would say it took it me a quarter of the time to do it then with a standard roller.

Again Thanks...and if I get the spray gun to work I'll let you know....

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