OSB & Rain


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OSB & Rain

I am in the process of building a shed and I am using OSB for my roof sheathing, to be covered with roof paper and shingles.

Unfortunately, It has rained for three days after putting the OSB on the roof but before putting the paper and shingles on.

I know this particle-type board can crumble and warp when wet, but I am not sure of just how sensitive it really is.

Should I replace the wood prior to roofing it, or should it be okay as I long as I roof it soon?

I don't want to go through the time and expense of putting on shingles if I am likely to have my roof start falling apart.

I would really appreciate any opinions that are offered.

Thanks in advance,
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I found this on a google.com search:
"How does OSB hold up to rain and moisture?
The waterproof resins and waxes in the OSB make it very resistant to moisture. It takes much longer for OSB to get wet than it does for plywood. But, it also takes much longer for it to dry out. It is important to keep panels covered at the site and get roofing on as soon as possible. While OSB is very water resistant, unsealed edges can swell if left unprotected from the weather."

Give it a couple days to dry and then get your 'paper' on it.

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Thanks Fred.

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