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My stud finder does not work when I try to locate studs on the outside of my house. I have aluminum siding and I want to locate the studs to install an awning. How can I locate the studs behind the siding?
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Okay, I guess you have no problem finding them inside. What you need is a method to transcribe them outside.

Put a strip of masking tape, verticaly, on a window convinient to the wall you are working on. Draw a verticle line down the middle of the tape. That is your benchmark.

Locate the studs inside, measure to the line on the tape, and write the measurement down. Check a couple, recepticles and switchs are usually a give away. Hopefully the framer was consistant and accurate with his centers.
Leave the tape on your window and head outside, marking your studs on the siding, measured from the masking tape.

Good luck
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Check a couple of studs on the inside of the wall and see if they are 16" or 24" on center. They should be 16". Then go to a corner of your outside wall and start measuring over in 16" intervels. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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What Jack suggested is good, as long as you start at the same corner as the guy who layed out the framing!! Not all walls are sized so that the last stud before the corner is also 16" from the corner. Probably best to locate the studs inside, where it is easiest, then transcribe to the outside of the wall.

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