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Hi, our house has right now the old 1970's style vinyl siding which is in poor condition, which we would like to take it off. From the little bits I have seen the clapboards are in pretty good shape. However it is a big house and we are afraid that it is a nightmare underneath. We were thinking of putting up new siding, but it would cover up the extravagant details of the house (there are pillars built into the house). Any suggestions? Thanks, Roxanne
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Not clear what exactly you are trying to save.

One of the down sides to modern vinyl siding on older style houses is the house "loses all its character".

Most of the decorative wood molding, corices, etc. that give older houses their charm is removed.

Not that the folks are cruel or heartless, it is required. It's a general idea some refer to as "flatting". They have to get all curves, angles, etc down to the very basic boxy shapes.

They have to get as much detail out as possible and make everything flat.

So your older siding would be removed and the contractor would follow his normal practices of flatting or preparation.

Normally they don't side over existing modern siding. Once a house has a modern siding job it is only practical to replace it with another siding job, so I wouldn't worry about what's underneath they know how to deal with it in their prep for the new siding.

If it is the pillars, you are trying to save and say they are wood. Maybe with a lot of detail. (might be what you are trying tell me, maybe the half round surface mounted ones.)

They may be able to be removed and dipped to give them a vinyl coat, or a vinyl sheet that is heat shrunk around detail. Unless they are super special the cost may not be worth it.

Most installers will try to talk you out of it. It is quite difficult for them to make it look good and blend into the new look.

I would agree with them. Basically you have to decide what world, you want to be in.

The modern plastic world or the old world with real wood and all its charm. Quite difficult to mix the two, just doesn't work.

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In the siding business they say "wood is good, paint is quaint, but vinyl is final"

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