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Question Floor Joists

We have just purchased a home that was built in 1979, and Iíve noticed that my floor joists were installed without using those cross member type things. I not sure what they are called, but in the old days they tended to use two mitered 1 by 3s; today they are thin pieces of galvanized steel. I believe they are supposed to keep the joists from twisting.

Question: Should I add these cross members to my joists? I have noticed that some of my joists are warped, and a few places in the house the floors squeak quite a bit. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Cross bracing, or solid blocking, if nailed up correctly will help with the warping and some of the bounce. The floor squeaks are a different story. Since you obviously have access to view the joists, the easiest solution is to add additional fasteners from below where the squeaks occur.
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Suppose I wanted to use 1 by 3s for the cross braces, what procedure do I need to follow to ensure the job is done correctly? Also, how would I add additional fasteners from below to fix the floor squeaks? Sorry to drill you like this.
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If your house was built in 1979 any warping that was going to occur that blocking or strapping would stop has already come and gone. Personally I would not waste my time or money unless something is really getting bad. But then, if a joist is getting that messed up at this point in it's life something worse might be going on that needs investigating. If it's just minor bends, etc. then don't worry about it.

If you want to eliminate the sqeaks you can have someone stand on the floor where the noise is coming from, you go down below and pin point it. Sqeaks come from sublfoor rubbing against a floor joist, or subfloor rubbing against a loose subfloor fastener (most assuredly nails in your case). If you kind find the sqeaks you can add subfloor adhesive to the area and use short screws to draw the subfloor back down to the joist. The important thing is to eliminate the movement between joist, fasteners, and subfloor.

Subfloor adhesive is what makes new floors so quiet!

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Squeaky floors

Sometimes simply inserting a shim between the joists and the subfloor will quieten the squeaks. As suggested, you will need someone upstairs while you are downstairs to help you identify the location of the squeaks.

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