Replacing brick with vinyl siding?


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Replacing brick with vinyl siding?

This may be a very obvious question. but forgive me!

We're considering buying a house that needs a lot of work. Because of foundation problems, some of the brick in the front of the house is cracked (the front and sides of the house are brick, the back is kind-of shoddy vinyl siding). I have no interest in repairing or replacing the brick because it's really ugly and yellow-- good riddance! What I'd like to do is have vinyl siding installed.

I've read your advice about what to ask contractors, but my question is this: the brick has to get taken down, right? I've been assuming the brick would come down and then the siding would go up... is that right?

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typically 1x would be fastened to the brick to provide a nailing surface.
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That is fine if you want to cover the brick with vinyl and yes there is no need to remove brick when installing over. The big question is, before you proceed, have you fixed the foundation problem that caused the cracking? If you are seeing significant cracks in the brick you must be having some serious movement in your foundation that really, really needs to be looked at. Covering the brick with vinyl might improve the appearance, but it will do nothing to fix the problem and you need to address that issue.
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BEFORE you buy this home, have it inspected by a licensed General Contractor to determine what needs to be done to stablize the problems with the foundation and brick walls.
You may be buying a far greater problem than covering over cracked walls. It may be just be normal settling issues in your area that have finally stopped which caused it, OR it may be something worse.
Good luck!
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No fear-- we have a long option period secured by a very nominal fee ($50 I think), so we'll be doing lots of inspections, geting estimates, etc. before we are really stuck in the contract. And fixing the foundation is first on our list of priorities-- I would rather live with old yellow brick than with a faulty foundation!

Thanks for the responses... I had a feeling it might be able to be installed over the brick, but my husband thought otherwise.

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