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Question Trim and Molding

I'm looking to replace my entire interior molding using pine or white oak with a simple profile (something from the colonial family). I'm not going to use any fancy stacking techniques; I just want to replace my rather plane ranch molding with something a little more interesting.

Question: From your experience would it be cheaper to purchase wood planks from a lumber supplier, and then have the planks ripped, planed and profiled by a mill, or would it be better to just buy the finished pieces from a local Lowes or Home Depot?

I just wanted to ask this question before I actually go out on a pricing adventure. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Marc
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whatever you do don't buy your trim from Lowes or H.D.! Go to a pro trim supplier and you should be able to get stuff for 1/2 the cost of the big boxes.

The answer to your question really depends on what type of trim you are talking about....window casing? Cronw molding? Baseboard??

More than likely you will find it cheaper to buy the finished product but go to some true trim suppliers before you decide who to buy from.
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I only want to replace the baseboards and casings around my interior doors and windows.
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if you are looking at resale value, I would look at doing crown molding and the window/door casing. Unless your baseboard is particularly ugly or dull, I am not sure swapping it out will increase your home value enough to justify the expense. In all honesty, I would search around at different suppliers to see if having a shop mill them for you or buying prefab will be cheaper. More than likely it will be cheapest to buy something prefab but local market conditions make it hard to answer this question. One option you could investigate is buying the lumber stock yourself and mill with heavy duty router or a shaper if you own one.

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