formula for spacing spindles

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formula for spacing spindles

I used to assemble stairs wood stairs , I had a formula that I could get the spacing inbetween spindles, someone said there is no formula but osha says you have to have spacing 4 to 6 inches I know this. But there is a formula any stair builder knows this. I remember I use to take and add the run then minus a spindle what ever the size was and that would give me how many spindles I would need , then I would use the calulator again and get the spacing I needed for the run sometimes if I wanted to space at 4 inches it might come out to 4 3/16 to get all the spacing even so you don't end up with a big space or small space at the bottom. I use to use this formula but I have forgot it has been so long if a stairbuilder out there could refresh my memorie I would greatly appreciate it. This spacing is for the handrail once you have it on the handrail you just transfer it to the treads by plumbing down. Hope someone can help thank you Garrettsurfer.

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No formula, but OSHA and most codes require 6" maximum center-to-center with no more than a 4" clear space anywhere in the railing system. That is, no spaces in the railing that would allow a 4" diameter ball to fit through.

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