Removing masonite composite boards


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Removing masonite composite boards


I have enclosed my back patio and I am in the process of removing existing masonite composite board. I have multiple questions concerning this project. First, what is the easiest way to remove this existing wall of masonite board, and should I remove window and door molding before removing the actual masonite? Also, I will replace the masonite with finished cypress board. Should I leave a small gap then caulk for deviations in seasonal temp.'s, or should I butt every board as close as possible when installing the new wall?

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You can reach under the masonite with a wonderbar ( a flat pry bar) and cut the nails or at least get purchase on them to pry the masonite off. If you want to salvage the masonite, there is a tool for reaching under the panels and cutting the nails, or you could use a hacksaw blade.

The siding usually abuts the trim on doors and windows. Take a look at yours. You may not need to remove the trim.

Wood expands and contracts across the grain. You can butt the ends of the wood. Yo might want to make sure the ends are finished to keep moisture out of them.

Hope this helps.

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