Plywood for yard display


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Plywood for yard display

The latest entry on my honey-do list is an exterior yard display for the Christmas season. The patterns merely says that you can get all the parts from one sheet of 1/2" plywood. What grade of exterior plywood should I use? Are there any of the generic or blended wood products that would withstand winter rainy (not much snow) weather better than plywood but can still take paint and be sealed?
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An exterior grade of plywood will have exterior glue and will survive the outdoors. The more plies the wood has the better it will stay flat. For best performance, prime and paint all exposed wood. I would recommend two coats of exterior paint for maximum life. Assemble with galvanized nails or outdoor rated screws. Caulk over the nail heads or screw heads to protect them from abuse and the weather. Any parts that a fastened together will benefit from having the pieces caulked prior to priming.

Hope this helps.
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If you want all of this work to really last, use 1/2" pressure-treated plywood.
It only costs about 30% more than untreated exterior grade, and will last for many more years.
Good Luck!

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