baseboard installation & liquid nails


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baseboard installation & liquid nails

Is there any reason why I shouldn't use liquid nails or construction adhesive when installing 5-1/2" baseboards? I have some seriously bowed walls, and the liquid nails just seems to be a much easier and better looking way to go than using finish nails. The only reason I can think of is that if I decided to remove them at a later date, it might tear up the sheetrock.
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If you nail them right on the studs it might be able to hold. Whether you use liquid nails or not nail them to the studs. Also buy long finish nails with little ribs on them it will help.
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i wouldnt if it was me u can nail it with a power nailer the best u can then caulk the gaps and repaint the walls dont forget there is a bottom plate ucan nail into between the studs
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Along with that, using some latex caulk will fill in any gaps so whether you paint or if this is stained, it will look good when done, regardless of the bowed walls.

I personally wouldn't use construction adhesive for the same reasons that kthdwn mentioned.

Good Luck!

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