crown moulding


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crown moulding

GRRRRRRRRRRR! Haven't felt this incompetent since I made a Freudian slip to the girl of my dreams and she pasted me a good one with a resultant black eye. It's a simple little bathroom remodel. Or it was until I added that horror of all horrors: CROWN MOULDING. It's been a week now and I'm the proud owner of a lot of very expensive kindling wood and a new compound mitre saw. Not to mention a derisive wife who cackles when she hears the saw fired up. I can no longer bear the shame and may have to commit ritual suicide unless I can figure this out. Not to mention how to use this website and get into the heads and words of the sages that have posted their wisdom and suggestions here, only to disappear the next time I try to find them. Maddening.

And, obviously, I'm a writer. And, just as obviously, I'm not a carpenter. But I am determined not to let this piece of Pythagorian geometry drive me over the brink. With your help, I will triumph!

So I now have 'THE SAW' which has the two funky little settings in red on the two mitre gauges. I have read the comments of experts who have weighed in with their knowledge of their every day experience but who have also left me adrift; at least to this point. The question really is: Do I put the saw settings on the "funky settings" and place the moulding against the the 'back wall' of my new saw? Or do I need some other kind of setting which will allow me to make the cuts on the flat of the saw bed?

I shall endure and will never give up until every ceiling/wall joint has a superbly done crown moulding. And please remember in your responses that you will be sparing an ageing gent from total humiliation in the eyes of his much younger wife.


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I'm an avid woodworker, and I've seen the answer here numerous times re molding placed on saw and coping inside corners.

Still, if I were to start installing crown molding today, I would buy the decorative corner blocks so that all the cuts would be 90 degrees. It's so much simpler.

Someone will point you to the proper technique, but consider the dec. blocks.

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A guide to surviving humilitation at the hands of crown molding may be found at

Hope this helps.
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Talking crown moulding

Chris, I could weep for joy! I went to the website you sent me ( and within five minutes I had made baby's first perfect crown moulding cut! It was the second-best feeling I ever had in my life! All praise Chris! You rock!

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