Fitting Window trim + drywall


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Fitting Window trim + drywall

I am replacing window trim. The old trim was 1 1/2 wide and beveled on on top side and flat on the bottom. The thick end was about 1/4 inch. The material I am using to replace the old trim is 3 1/2 inchs wide, beveled on the top and flat on the bottom. The thick end is 3/8" and the thin end is 3/16.

The window frame is inset from the drywall about 1/16 to 1/8 inches. This means there is that amount of gap between the window frame and the new trim. I am looking for a solution.

I can simply caulk the gap but this seems less than ideal as caulk eventually shrinks and if painted, will flake.

I could try to shave the wall board down around the window frame.

I could add a small piece of quarter round to cover the gap.

Thoughts? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Phil Courterelle
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You could make a strip of wood to fill the gap and install the new trim on top of it. Then caulk any small gaps. Good quality caulk does not shrink and will take paint. Avoid pure silicone caulk as it will not take paint.
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Have you thought about spackeling the area where the old trim was installed? This would provide some strength for the new trim and can easily be painted and or covered with quarter round.

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