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Tongue and Groove

I am working on a seaside decor and want to install T & G under the bar that faces the dining room. I want to go horizontally and paint it have the picture. Unfortunately, I do not have any tools, but I can buy a few for this project, if needed. Do you have instructions or or video on installing T & G? My concern is that the bar has a 45-degree angle. Will I need to miter the ends or put a corner over the angle? Do I need to take the baseboard off if it is going to go horizontally? What do i use to finish the ends of the boards? Will Home Depot or Lowe's do the cutting if I bring the exact measurements? Do I need to glue and nail? What products do you recommend?
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Presumably, you want to install the wood on the vertical wall underneath the bar. You can nail the wood into the studs in the wall with #8 finish nails. If the wood ends on the flat of the wall, just put a cap mold along the end to cover the cut ends of the wood.

Unless the wood will make the run in one piece, you would install the pieces alternating any seam.

If the wood differs in thickness from the baseboard, a cap mold along the bottom may be more pleasing to the eye than simply starting the wood along the baseboard.

I am not clear about the 45 degree angle. Is the wall such that it makes a 45 degree turn into another room and the bar follows along it? If so, the baseboard should be mitered where this turn occurs. Although you could miters these ends, the general uneveness of most walls might be better managed with a boarder or cover of some sort. Especially so, if you have trouble making the miters align.

Hope this helps.

For tools, a hammer and nail, a miter box and back saw should be all you need.

After installation, set the nails and putty over the set nail, before priming and painting.

Hope this helps.
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I have another question....

When installing the plank wainscoting, should I paint it before I put it up? Thank you for your help. We are in FLA and plan to put this up this weekend when the hurricanes are making us all can use a miter box and hand saw without electricity. Hope we are more lucky than that!
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The hand saw and miter box will work if the siding is 4" or less, however, wider material can be free handed. You'll just need to support it when cutting.
You might also make a sanding block to touch-up the miters, to keep the corner looking respectable, before you paint or stain.

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