staining trim


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staining trim

I know this is probably a matter of personal preference, but what is the consensus on staining trim before or after it is applied to walls? I couldn't find any previous threads related to this.
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It's ALWAYS a good practice to stain or paint any moldings previous to applying them to the walls, etc. If touchup is needed, there will be very little.

When you're done pin nailing the moldings, I highly recommend you use wax sticks, vs trying to fill the holes with woodfiller, sanding it down and then touching it up. No matter what you do to wood filler, it will always stand out like a sore thumb.

You can find wax sticks at They're also called "Fill Sticks" and you can get them in various of colors.

Apply the finish, wait at least 1 day before cutting moldings, apply to wall with 18 gauge nails and fill holes with fill sticks; cleaning the excess wax off with mineral spirits/paint thinner "Same Thing", on a t-shirt type rag. Don't soak the rag.

Anymore questions, please chime back.

A trick of the trade:

Before you put the moldings on the wall "No matter what kind" take the same stain you used and wipe it on the cut edge and wipe off excess. This will darken the edge and also help hide any imperfections.
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Thanks Mike! I was wondering what you thought of cutting/dry fitting the baseboards before staining? The stain will be pretty dark, so I'm worrying about seeing my marks for inside coping cuts. I would assume dry fitting isn't as accurate as cutting/nailing everything after staining. I've installed plenty of white trim, so marks weren't a problem; first time for staining.
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I like to paint or stain it all before starting. Touch up joints and other damage after it is installed or as you install it. Focus on trying to avoid working in an awkward position, such as on the floor, when possible.

Hope this helps.

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