Baseboard in walkout basement


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Baseboard in walkout basement

I will be finishing a walkout basement and am not sure how to attach the baseboards. The walkout walls are 2X6s on top of a poured concrete curb that's about 4 inches tall. The walls are already drywalled from ceiling to floor. I can't just use finish nails since the nails would be hitting the concrete curb. Do I just use some kind of construction adhesive? Or is it better to attach the baseboards with countersunk masonry screws? I will probably be painting the baseboards so I suppose I could do the latter and just fill and paint the holes if I can find the right kind of screws. Any advice would be appreciated!
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If they are concrete walls, there should be furring strips "Pieces of wood" that they attached the drywall with. Try using a stud finder.
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No furring strips

There are no furring strips. The drywall is attached to the 2X6s that frame the outside walls, but the 2X6s don't go all the way to the floor. The bottom plate for the 2X6s rests on the concrete curb which juts up about 4-5 inches above the floor. The drywall covers the concrete curb (because it is flush with the front of the 2X6s) but is not attached to it - it's screwed/nailed to the 2X6 walls but there are no fasteners at the bottom where the curb is.
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just nail it to the bottem plate 2x6 and for 4 to 5 inches should make any difference it will not twist


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I am assuming your baseboard height is 4" or less, leaving you short of being able to nail into the bottom plate on top of the curb. Also ssuming you don't want to use a higher baseboard (even a 1x6 with a routed edge or a piece of cove on top) that you could nail into the plate. I would go with just construction adhesive, at least as a start.
Another option is to power nail with a light load, but it would take some dress up to cover the nail holes

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