Liquid Nailed Plywood Over Drywall...


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Liquid Nailed Plywood Over Drywall...

We are finally getting around to remodeling the basement, and as I started to remove the painted paneling from the walls, I found that the previous owner had apparently use Liquid Nail or some similar project to help hold everything in place. It is so old that the paneling pulled easily away, but the adhesion to the drywall behind is a different story; nice and solid. Ugh.

Should I replace the drywall throughout, or is there an "easy" sanding method that I might try to remove this mess?

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For the time it would take you to try and make the liquid nails come off and the wall look good, you could spend less time tearing off and re-doing the drywall.

I personally would tear it out and re-do it.
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Got to agree with Sawdustguy. Provided your goal is to paint the walls, I'd replace it, and every drywall finisher I know would want you to hang new sheetrock. If you just plan on putting up different paneling, don't do a thing. The glue shouldn't hurt anything.
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We are going to paint, so sheetrock it is. That was my original plan in any case, I just wanted to make sure I was not missing something easier. Thanks for your replies, gang.


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