Updating "recessed" door trim


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Updating "recessed" door trim

The door trim in my house is unlike the new stuff I buy today:

Instead of sitting on top of the drywall and door jamb, like new trim, it seems to be flush against the framing and jamb, and the drywall meets it at its edge.

I'd like to replace all the trim in the house, but I can't figure out how replace it with the new style.

- Should I get a strip of wood that's the same thickness as the drywall, and use that as a filler, then put the trim on top? That would mean filling between the jamb and the door, but it would be workable.

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Provided your new trim will be wider than your old trim, that would be a good solution. Remove the old trim, install an extension jamb to bring the jamb out even with the drywall, then make sure your casing will cover the edge of the drywall. the only problem this might create is a problem with your strike plate, where the door latches shut. The extension jamb needs to be installed with a reveal around the jamb so that it does not interfere with the strike plate- or get longer adjustable strike plates.

It sounds like you've possibly got drywall over plaster, or something unusual, for your drywall to be even with your trim like that. That's a new one on me.
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There's no plaster under my drywall. However the house is pretty old, and I think the drywall was installed a long time ago. None of the doors are prefabricated.

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