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I am installing wood baseboard on a 12 inch radius wall corner. Looks like the only way is to soak the baseboard and install wet. Any suggestions on how long to soak it in water or any tricks?
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Radius baseboard must almost always be custom made- especially if its wood. Good luck if you're going to try soaking it in water- maybe by the time you're old and grey it will be bent enough to install, and it won't want to spring back to its original shape.

If it needs to be wood, the way to make it yourself is to get thin veneers, such as 1/8" x 4, and bend them on a radius- a round plywood "box" which matches the radius of your corner that you clamp into a square corner. You can make these jigs yourself. (over bend your veneered baseboard slightly on the ends so that the piece is extra long), then glue the next veneer on, then glue the next veneer on, until you get the desired thickness. Then if your baseboard has a profile, you'll have to router that particular profile into your glued up piece so that it will match the rest of the baseboard.

If the baseboad is painted, then you might consider making your glue-up radius from 1/8" masonite.

Since you can't bend your baseboard in water to fit a radius that tight, the only other alternative is installing it in short segments perhaps 1 1/2" long. This would be an unattractive alternative.

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Bending masonite?

I need to cut and curve a 4'x8' sheet of pegboard around 90 degrees of a 2' radius, so I end up with a 8' tall "quarter-tube" shape. The masonite seems a lot more prone to crack than to bend that far. Are there any good techniques for bending large sheets of this stuff smoothly?

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