To Cope Or Not To Cope?


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To Cope Or Not To Cope?


I am starting my first crown molding project. The room has 10ft ceilings and the crown(7.25" wide poplar) will be stained a dark brown. The dealer said that with the tall ceilings and dark stain that I wouldn't really need to cope the inside corners.

That advice goes against what I have been reading. What do you experts think?

If coping is best---There are two inside corners at 135deg and 67deg. Would I cope those as well?

Thank you!
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You will probably get a 50/50. I'm on the professional side and I hate coping. If my miter is off a hair, I take the same stain that I stained the wood with and color the mitered cut edge. This will help hide any imperfections.
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On the other side of the 50/50, coping allows a good fit even if you are off. I believe that it is easier to get a good fit by coping. How about that for balanced responses?
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Thanks for the replies!

My wife said that she wanted to fine tune the coped corners(what a woman!) and that's fine with me.

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I'm personally split 50/50 LOL!! I hate the time involved coping, but they make an excellent fit that just about anybody can do.

Sure makes inside corners on out of square situations easy to deal with

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