filling nail holes in trim


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filling nail holes in trim

when I use caulk to fill nail holes, there is always a dimple. There must be an easier way?
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Wipe the caulk over the nailhead a tad thick, then knock it down with some sandpaper after it dries.
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I always use spackle and wipe off excess with finger and then damp cloth if necessary if painting trim. If stained trim, a matching wood filler or touch up stick does a good job.

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There is also a synthetic spackle containing solvents, which doesn't shrink. It's a sort of foamy plastic. Very tough to sand but real smooth, slightly sticky, and non-sagging, so you shouldn't need to sand.
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By the more expensive non shrinking lightweight filler. Make sure it says that it will NOT SHRINK. You can wipe it on with your finger and it dries almost perfect. If it is a little rough then you sand it down. It costs about triple normal spackle/polyfill BUT you use very very little. Well worth the extra few dollars.
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Talking Filling nail holes in trim

For the small holes, I use white toothpaste. When it dries up, you can paint over it.
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I have used the differant methods as mentioned and depending on the color or stain of the trim, I have also used children's crayons to fill holes. It works very well.

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