stapler or finish nailer


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stapler or finish nailer

Every time I start a new project I'm able to convince my better half that I "really need" that new toy to do it right.... Got a really nice framing gun/compressor for my newest addition. Getting down to the trim work now and can't decide between a stapler or a finish nailer.... She say's "one or the other - not both ).

I do occasional furniture repair/building and odd jobs (repairing picture frames, cleaning up joints, adding molding to cabinets, etc.)...

If you had to do one or the other, which would you prefer? I'm tired of hammering finish nails into trim and damaging the wood... not to mention countersinking "bites".

Wow - two posts in one day..... I'm going to lose my reputation for being at least "slightly knowledgeable".....
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I don't even own a crown stapler. I have an 18 ga. brad nailer for short nailing (1 1/4" minus), and 18 ga. brad nailer for long nailing (2 1/8" minus), and a 15 ga. angled finish nailer for nailing larger items that need more holding power or a longer nail.

Personally, I don't care for the large hole that crown staplers leave. Pella likes to nail their mullion caps on with a crown stapler, and it leaves a large hole that needs to be filled with nail putty. I don't like that- I'd prefer a smaller, less noticable hole.

So if you can only get 1 gun for small trimwork, get an 18 ga nailer that accepts from 5/8" nails up to 2 1/8" nails. The one I have is a Senco #FP25XP. It's oilless and is arguably the best brad nailer you can get.
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Originally Posted by thezster
Wow - two posts in one day..... I'm going to lose my reputation for being at least "slightly knowledgeable".....

Someone said "it is better to remain silent and appear dumb than to open your mouth and remove all doubt" -- apparently the author never worked on his house

I bought my finish nailer long before my staple gun. Although there are times when a staple holds better than a nail, IMO you will get more use out of a finish gun. It is easier to hide nail heads than staples.There are guns out there that shoot both but I don't know anything about them. Personally I wouldn't get a nail gun that shoots less than 2" nail [2 1/2" would be nicer] I also like the 16 gauge.

Best alternative is to convince your wife it is necesarry to have both

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Obviously, you've never met my wife!

Great responses... thanks to you both.... finish gun it is.... (oboy.. get to go shopping)....

Now... Mark........ if you could just delete this post thread quickly........................ :mask: Who was that masked man?????

kidding - people need to know we don't have all the answers all the time...
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I use a 16 ga finish nailer (porter-cable) that takes 3/4-2 1/2 nails. I spent another $50 on 3 or 4 nails sizes to have on hand. I find it very versatile. An angled version would be nice, if you have the extra money. I also have a 3/8 stapler, shoots 1/4-5/8", more like an upholstery stapler. It is useful but the nailer gets much more use, still handy for $70 though.
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Got the new nailer today... oboy, oboy, oboy 5/8 - 2 1/4 capable, adjustable depth control... and a pretty plastic carrying case...

Now got to get downstairs to start cutting all that trim.....

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