Molding paint...


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Molding paint...

From what I understand, molding should be painted with a little bit more sheen than the walls. So, if walls are flat, moldings could be eggshell or semi-gloss. And, this is the way I have done my moldings.

Currently I just have molding around windows and doors, and a base molding. Im going to do a chair rail and panels belwo the chair rail. I would tie all the trim in by painting it all white - the chairrail, panels, base and all wall below the chair rail.

But, if I do that, what sheen do I use? Do I treat it like molding or like wall? Im assuming it wont matter too much. But any thoughts out there?
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paneling would be painted in the same sheen as the other moulding. it's considered "woodwork".
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If you get paint that says "wall and trim enamel", you probably can't go wrong. I prefer to use high-gloss trim enamel, because it's got a hard finish which makes it easy for the homeowners to clean and dust. But you can get whatever sheen you prefer. Just be sure it's for trim. Don't use standard wall paint no matter what sheen it is. It won't be as durable.

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