Paneling w/ plaster behind it


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Paneling w/ plaster behind it

Hi There! I bought my first house. Built in 1897. The hallway has this ugly plastic(I think) paneling that's secure but warped & scratched, most of all ugly. Ideally I would like to remove it, but I have a feeling the plaster walls behind it are in horrible condition. Removing the paneling is going to a huge project, probably an expensive one too. Anyway, I was thinking of just texturing over the paneling & painting. What do you think?
P.S. There are so many new techniques out there for a texturing that looks really cool, almost like stone.
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You never know what is behind the panels. If you want to texture, removing the panels may give you a better working surface.
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I'm not familiar with plastic paneling, but I've had experience removing plastic tiles from plaster walls and removing wood paneling from plaster walls. With the plastic tiles, there was a lot of glue left behind on the plaster that had to be scraped off (and lots of gouges created when scraping it off). With the wood paneling, there were lots of nail holes. So even if the plaster is in relatively good shape, you'd definitely have to do some work to it if you removed the paneling. But if you're planning to texture the surface, it might be worth it remove it because you'd be covering up the flaws with the texture anyway so your fixes wouldn't have to be all that good (assuming you don't find large holes or crumbled areas hidden behind the paneling!). I don't have any suggestions on how to make the wall look like stone, though. I know you can buy thin bricks (like 1/2 thick bricks meant for putting on walls), so maybe there are also thin stones too, and you could actually put real stone on the walls.

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