Liquid nails?


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Liquid nails?

What is your opinion of using liquid nails instead of "real" nails for putting in baseboard?

Seems to me like it would be easier, but with ease comes trouble down the road. Hopefully your experience can lead me in the right direction here.

Thanks in advance.
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For me using liquid nail doesn't have any benifits. With a nail gun base is easy to install and nail heads are easy to putty.

The only time I would use liquid nail is when there is a reason you can't nail - pipes, etc. in the wall.
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Construction adhesives are supposedly as strong as, if not stronger than nails, and certainly have their place, but I dont think they are practical or necessary in running base. For one thing, if any oozes out it will be a nightmare to remove it. I'd nail it to the studs, and if painting, I'd fill the holes and caulk the miters and along the top.
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Liquid nails is a very good adhesive. There lies the problem. If you ever have to remove the baseboard, you most likely will remove parts of the wall with it. Not just under the baseboard either. Up into the area not covered with baseboard. We have had more than one member ask how to repair walls after removing adhesive installed baseboard. Good luck.
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Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be nailing the boards down.
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A lot of peeps use adhesive where there are metal studded walls and no wood blocking to nail into.
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I just spent 2 hours attempting to remove plastic tiles that were adhered to drywall with liquid nails. It took the paper covering off the drywall and peices of the wall. It'll keep it stuck on there, but if you ever want to sell your home and they want to re-do, expect to be called every name in the book.

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