Making trim for rounded corners


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Making trim for rounded corners

Trying to save a buck or 2 I plan to make the trim for my house. I figure I can use a router to make it look halfway decent but How can I go around rounded corners? I have about a dozen of these and unsure how to proceed.

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By rounded corners do you mean bullnose corners or some thing else? Bullnose isn't that hard to handle but round bay in a Queen Anne Victorian is something else altogether.
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If you mean you will have to bend the wood to go around the corner/ Take the peice that you are going to put down and using your skill saw cut slits in the wood on the backside and soak it in hot water. Working with it gently while still wet the wood will bend around the corner. You will need to nail it as you go aso. Dont let the piece dry out first.
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If you are refering to bullnose bead, some supply houses sell a cap that goes on top of the trim in the corner that hides the gap by blending it up into the bullnose (I think you can get them where they sell the bead, but maybe trimwork houses also carry them). Another option is to just caulk it. I knew a contractor that used to cut out the back of the trim at the bullnose to make it fit tight (a lot of work, but looked great), or you can make a "45 degree" transition piece, so the trim has 2 "45's", instead of 1 "90" in the corner.

I hope this helps
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Yes I meant bullnose. Thanks for the suggestions. Wish me luck!

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