old masonite(?) paneling


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old masonite(?) paneling

Hi. I have old paneling in my kitchen that I think is called Masonite, but I may be wrong. It's smooth and glossy, and originally had a fake marble look (from the 70s). I painted over it quite awhile ago and it's held up very well. What I don't like is that it has a channel that sticks out and holds the panels together. So even though the paint looks good it still obviously paneling. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to hide or get rid of the channel without having to tear down everything. Thanks!!
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You could remove the strips and fill the gap with spackling/joint compound. Needs to be finished well or it will show which IMO looks worse than the strips.
One of the reasons for the strip [beside hiding the gap] is to allow the panels a little room to expand and contract with changes in humidity. Probably won't be a problem.
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I see this is a super old post. I am dealing with the same ugly paneling in my bathroom. How did you paint over the Masonite? Did you use a certain primer to help adhere the paint??

Thanks ahead of time
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Generally it's best to use a solvent based primer as they have better adhesion properties than latex primers.

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