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The LOOK of crown on vaulted ceilings..

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04-08-06, 08:44 PM   #1  
The LOOK of crown on vaulted ceilings..


I would like to hear from the pros their personal opinions on the look of crown moulding on vaulted ceiilngs.

I love the look of the crown but can only imagine it in a non-vaulted ceiling room. In my current project (large bedroom with vast expanses of plain walls and with vaulted ceiling), so far in addition to the new baseboard, I installed chair rail and squares beneth and above it. Well, the ones above chair rail aren't exactly squares, but sort of rectangles that in size follow declined ceiling line. Normally, such a design calls for crown as a must but I am hesitating thinking on a vaulted ceiling/wall line 'it will go against the real crown look'... or worse might look distorted.

In the world of trim, is it or is it not a 'No-No' to put up (instead of crown) some other type of trim, such as panel that looks like a bedcap, or anything else? The purpose here would be to avoid the 'unfinished' look and to define the line where walls meet the celing. One wall stands at almost 13 ft high while another one is only 8 ft. (I am not sure the angle).

I hope most of you were able to understand me. If not, my apologies in advance. But I truly would appreciate the input of those who has seen/installed crown on vaulted ceiligns and gave it a score in terms of look. Many thanks,

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04-11-06, 08:40 PM   #2  
Not sure where you want to install the crown, but if it is vaulted, the crown would be so high, that you would lose your visual acuity. I would install a chair rail or similar molding at the break to define the wall from the ceiling, as you say. Crown molding will need a 90 degree surface to rest properly against, and I don't think your situation will have one.
Post back if we can help further. Good luck with the project!

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04-11-06, 08:48 PM   #3  

I agree with Chandler - one option is to do crown only on the horizontal and based upon colors used, this can look very pleasing.

Here's an example,


Hope this helps!

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04-13-06, 10:53 AM   #4  
Thanks and one more question on the source

Many thanks for your posts, Doug and Chandler:

I agree with Doug that putting crown in some horizontal areas will produce a neat look. I did just that in my family room - put the crown along existing horizontal ledge (vaulted ceilings there are just the same hight as in the current project room). The sticky point in the current project is that the trim design calls for crown as finish point of the look I. And that is baseboard-->wall frames-->chairrail-->larger wall frames-->crown. Color of the wall will be what's within each wall frame, while trim and distances in-between trims will be painted the trim color. (I hope you're still with me!!)

I am also glad to hear from Chandler that putting charrail instead of crown IS an option. Prior to hearing this from Chandler, I kept thinking chairrail at the ceiling/wall line will look weird. At this very moment I am still to make a decision if its going to be crown or chairrail. If it is the latter, what charrail width should I am for: wider than one that's already there in-between the frames, or the narrower, or the same width (3 in)?

And final question: if I decide to go with crown will this book/tools help me with the vaulted ceiling crown install?

I can't say enough thanks to both of you for your input! It has been an intersting journey - my remodeling. So far, with research on howtodos from various sources, I managed to stay true to the original look I aimed to achieve, results of what produced amazing results in my family and living rooms. So the grande finale now is my large bedroom and it's there where I seem indecisive...

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