Help With Base Moulding...Please!


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Help With Base Moulding...Please!

I consider myself a pretty good do it yourselfer but there are never any diy shows on trim. I cant figure out the most asthetic way to join my two different base mouldings. The newer is in the kitchen and is an inch taller and also sits higher because of the new tile floor. You should be able to post these url's in address bar to view my pics. I hope someone can help. Thanks.

That board attached to the wall will be removed. It supports the dog gate.
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trying to think how to explain this. I would rip some 1"x 10" down to the height of your tallest trim then wrap that corner in the front and down both sides about 3" that way the different profiles wont be readily visible together and it will give them something to butt into. hope that makes any sense
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Baseboard return

I had the same problem a couple of months ago and with help from the forum this is how I solved the problem

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