baseboard to flooring gaps


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baseboard to flooring gaps

I ripped up carpet and laid down vinyl tile over a slightly uneven cement subfloor. I knew this, but was under time constraints, and could not take time to level the floor.

I re-installed the trim, but it doesn't meet the floor throughout. I had anticipated this and researched what to do, but apparently not too well. I read that I should install the trim levelly, no matter what, and that there was a substance I could use to fill in the gaps to the floor.

I can't find that substance, or where I read about it. I have read a lot of people's recommendations to scribe in such a situation, but the trim will not survive being taken off and re-installed another time.

If I caulk between the trim and the wall, can I also caulk between the trim and the floor? Is it too late to think about adding a baseshoe? And if I do, can that be bent to hit the floor?

This is a small, catch-all room and was supposed to be a weekend project, but with two kids 2 and under, and some unexpected problems, it has taken longer. Although we usually strive for quality, I am OK with a quick fix, since we will replace all the trim in a couple of years when we replace the windows.

Thank you!
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Welcome to the forums

You can caulk the gap under the base but unless you paint the caulk it will gather dirt and become unsightly in no time.

Shoemould is the correct way to rectify this. Because shoemould is thin and flimsy it will bend to the contour of the floor. Once nailed in place and cauilked to the baseboard it will look good.

If you prime and apply the first coat of enamel prior to installation you will save yourself a lot of work.
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Thank you!

Thank you for the welcome and the info! Now to pack up the kids for another supply trip!

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