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Angry paneling problem

I recently have been finishing my basement and put up paneling on the walls. I unfortunately used the very thin 1/8" paneling and put it over a drywall backing. Even though it was difficult to work with since it is so flimsy I did manage to get it up on the walls. I affixed it with paneling glue in strips about 5 to 6 inches apart and nailed the edges as instructed. All seemed well when I finished the job. After a few months I have noticed that the paneling has "bubbled" away from the drywall where it wasn't glued... every wall looks wavey!! It is as if the drywall has settled or stretched since it was applied.

Has anyone else ever experienced this and what can I do to it? I don't want to put my drop ceiling and carpet because it looks terrible... Help!! Is it early enough to pull it down without pulling the drywall down? Trying to put addition nails in it only causes the nail to pop through. If I could do it over again I would have used the 1/4" paneling. MuskyDave
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Without seeing it I can't be sure, but it sounds like your paneling has swelled - possibly due to high humidity in your basement? Where it was glued to the drywall, it's anchored, so if it swelled up any, the result might be "bubbles", slightly bowed-out areas in between the glue strips.
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Would putting a dehumidifier down there bring the paneling back to some normalcy? Would the thicker paneling have done this as well? Is it fixable???
Thanx for the reply!

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