crown moulding

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crown moulding

I boughtht some crown molding to complete the re-do in our family room. Also bought a mitre box and saw for doing the corners, and an extra length of moulding to practice the cuts. Much to my dismay I found that when did the cuts which should have lined up they didn't, there was this inverted v-shaped open space because the moulding does not lie flat on the wall. I'd appreciate it greatly if someone could please tell me how to make the cuts to join the corners.
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Crown moulding is installed at an angle (spring) which is something that varies depending on the spring of the moulding. Some is 45 degree, some 52 degree. At any rate, with a miter box, you will want to hold the crown "in position" as you cut it.

To determine this, cut a scrap and hold it on a framing square, sliding it up or down until both ends seem to be setting equally on the square. Then read the measurements. You might have something like: 3 1/8" rise, 2 5/8" run. Once you determine the rise, you can make a pencil line on the back of the miter box (measure up from the bottom of the box and make a line on the back), which will give you a visual idea of where the crown should be held as you cut it. You want to hold each piece at the same angle or your cuts will all be different and nothing will match up.

Perhaps you've heard the term "upside down and backwards" when referring to cutting crown. Basically you need to picture the bottom of your miter box as the ceiling, the back of the miter box as the wall. So you lay the crown moulding into the box upside down (narrow end up, thick end down). As you make cuts, just remember that the bottom of the crown is the narrow part that faces up in the box, but faces down once it is installed on the wall. As you determine which way to make the 45, you will have a short point and a long point to each cut. On outside corners, the narrow part of the crown will be the short point. But on inside corners, the narrow part of the crown will be the long point. If your piece has an inside corner on one end and an outside corner on the other end, both cuts will be made in the same direction (both left or both right, depending on which way it goes) so the piece will look like a long parallelogram.

Hopefully that makes sense and I didn't get too detailed. If you have any questions just ask.

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