Door jam & wall offset


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Door jam & wall offset

Does anyone know how to fix a 4.5 inch door jam to 5 inch wall offset? The wall has 5/8 inch drywall on either side of the 2x4. I installed the door jam in the center of the wall and now have about 1/4 inch or so difference on either side. Is there molding that can compensate for a wider wall?
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2x4 walls with 5/8" drywall on each side should be 4 13/16" thick, which is 1/4" more than a standard 4 9/16" jamb. The hinge side of a door jamb should almost always be installed flush with the drywall, and an extension jamb should be added to the latch side of the door.

If you say it is 1/4" on each side (I imagine that you only need 1/4" on one side), you can probably get away with adding a screen bead moulding on each side of the door, leaving a 1/4" reveal around the perimeter. Screen bead moulding is usually commonly available in both oak and pine, and measures roughly 5/32 x 11/16. You can apply it right to the jamb with brad nails.

If you flush the door up with the wall on the hinge side, then you will add the extension jamb to the latch side only. You will either need to install the strike plate first, (which will determine the amount of reveal your extension jamb will have) or you can find an adjustable strike plate that will cover the additional width of the extension jamb so that the latch does not scrape the finish off the wood when the door closes. The extension jamb can be made out of similar jamb material, ripped to size on a table saw. Sometimes it's easiest just to buy another piece jamb and take a rip off each side, if you need the wood to match exactly.
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Thank you very much for the detailed reply.

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