how to choose finishing nail gun


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how to choose finishing nail gun

I was not sure where to post this question, if this is not the correct forum please let me know.

I am trying to decide on a finishing nail gun but I do not know how to go about making the decision.

What should I look for in a finishing nail gun?

Right from the start I see that there are at least two main designs, straight and angled. How does a person decide on which design?
Once that decision is made then what is the next criteria that should be looked at?
Is there some kind of "buying guide" available on the internet that would help with this decision?


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Nail Gun

First consideration is the gauge. This determines maximum length of nail you can use in the gun. 16 gauge guns generally drive up to 2 1/2 inch nails. 18 gauge guns have a maximum of 2 inch nail length and are smaller and make a smaller hole in the wood. There is also a pin nailer which is 23 gauge and has a maximum length of 1 1/4 in.(I think this is correct on the 23 gauge pin length. Not absolutely sure.)

I have friend who has an angled finish nailer but he borrows my straight nailer because he says it is easier to aim the nail in the right direction with the straight nailer. Angled nailers work best on inside corners where you need to nail close to the corner.

Other considerations are whether to go air operated or airless. Airless needs no compressor.

Post again if you still have questions. Good luck with your choice.
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This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions here on the forums, as far as tools go. 15 guage or 16 guage? Finish gun or brad nailer? It's often discussed, and here are a few threads if you'd find anything interesting in past discussions:
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What do you intend to do with it?

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