Crown Molding on Brick


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Crown Molding on Brick

Anyone had to install crown molding over brick (or in my case - plaster over brick)? It's an exterior wall of an old house.

I've seen where someone mentioned tacking up a small strip in the corner using liquid nail so you have something to nail into. The strip would have to be small enough to fit behind the molding.

Any ideas? Thanks,
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I see this is your first post, so welcome to the forum!

Yes, you'd glue up a piece of wood that is shaped like a triangle. You'd need to determine the spring angle of your crown moulding (rise vs run) which could be 45 degrees if the rise and run are equal, and run some boards (2x2 or similar) through the table saw that will have the corresponding angle on them, meaning- with 52 degree crown, you'd put the 38 degree filler piece behind the crown. If a 2x2 isn't big enough, you'd need to cut 2 angles off of a piece of 2x4. (But you don't want the filler to be too big- it's better if it's slightly smaller. The crown should contact the wall and ceiling- if the filler is too thick it would push the crown away from either the wall or the ceiling.) Glue those filler strips to the corner of the ceiling with some construction adhesive or silicone. Hold them in place with 3M tape - (green holds best). Then be sure your nails penetrate the filler, which might mean nailing a little higher than normal, or even in the center if your crown is small. If you have ceiling joists above the crown every 16, you should still be able to hit them if you can locate them with a studfinder.
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Great - I appreciate your help!

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