1x4 Pine boards for wall covering.


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1x4 Pine boards for wall covering.


I have a cabin in central Maine that I am doing the interior walls in. Right now there is 3/8 plywood on the interior walls. This leaves me with the option to nail up just about anything.
I have a large stock of 1x4 pine that I would like to use.

These are just straight. No T&G. They are from a company that makes shipping crates. They are 3 1/2 x 3/4. They have a fair share of knots and dings but are clean and straight. They have a nice rustic appeal with a coat of poly on them.

One question I have is on spacing. It will be a dry winter time heated enviorment when I put these up. I've delt with cedar siding buckling because they were installed too close together. I'm not sure if I should have the same concern here. If I nail and glue them, and butt them up together, will I run into problems then they get humid in the summer?

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Wood expands and contracts across its width due to changes in humidity. Even a hardwood floor has an allowance for expansion under the baseboard as well as how it is fastened to the sub-floor. So long as you take this effect into consideration, your project of covering the walls should work fine.
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You might consider installing the 1x4s in a board and batten fashion - leave a 6"-8" space between the 1x4s.
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I've never done anything like that before, but have seen a similar technique used in some fancy fixed up barns. It ends up being a rather rustic look because the boards will have a tendency to twist, warp or cup to varying degrees. I would just imagine it will work fine, but since they are not tongue and groove, you shouldn't expect the wall to stay as flat as a floor would. Finish screws would probably hold them to the 3/8" plywood better than nails would.

If you put the boards up in the winter, you might want to leave the tinyest of spacers between them. But if you put them up when its warm, I would expect you could nail them together as tight as you like.

Otherwise, if you have a router, get a t&g bit or maybe just a rabbet joint to make them look like shiplap. You could also make a 3/8" rabbet in them with a table saw.

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