1x8 knotty pine carsiding


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1x8 knotty pine carsiding

Good Morning everyone I have a question about installing carsiding and perhaps someone who has done this can answer my questions..I am looking to instal 1x8 knotty pine carsiding in 8ft lengths on my outer stairwell in basebemt..I am looking to install them vertically it is tongue and grove..the studs are 24 inches center to center reason i want to install vertically is becuase my stairs leading to basement has it that way and I would like to finish up the stairwell..I dont not own a nail gun and I might be able to rent one for the day to do this project if so what types of nails would I need for the gun and if doing by hand what type should i use for that..also would i need to glue the boards together at every tongue and glue..if possible i can take pictures and email them..any help would be greatly appreciated in this matter I'm a new home owner looking to be hands on approach to this plus cost saving would be great..thx again for any post
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Welcome to the forums!

I'm not sure I know what 'carsiding' is

I assume these 1x8's are 1/2"-3/4" thickness so you would want to use a 6 or 8 penny nail = 2"-2.5" in length. Nail guns are mighty handy You shouldn't need to use any glue.

You will aslo need to either install horizontal blocks in the studs or strapping over them so you will have something to nail the vertical boards to.

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