Carpetting on Dricore

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Carpetting on Dricore

I am about to install carpet (plus carpet pad) on my Dricore floor in the basement. There is no baseboard installed yet.
I know this is an old topic but could anybody tell me what is wrong with the following steps:
1-Installing tack strips (How much should be the gap between the tack strips and the wall?)
2-Installing carpet
3-Installing baseboard on top of the carpet

I know many say first install the baseboard then carpet but I simply do not undrestand what is wrong with the above?
The reason that I do not want to first install the baseboard then carpet is that I am not a professional and probably the gap I will leave as "gulley" (Tha gap between the tack trip and the basboard) will not be good enough for a perfect look. Second when pushing the carpet in the gulley I can simply scratch the basboard and the most important factor is the simplicity of the way I have in mind.
Any comment is appreciated!

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I prefer to install baseboards last after flooring is done.
However, with the restoration Co. I work for, that often isnt the case due to arrangements to get the carpeting installer in, so often I/we install base before the carpet is laid and leave about 3/8" gap so the carpet can be tucked in under the base.
We do this only when carpet is to be installed. Any other flooring is done 1st, then the base.
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I just finished installing baseboard over basement carpet. IMO the disadvantage is that if the slab is uneven it's difficult to get the baseboard to fit the carpet snugly. The basement I just did has some low spots in the slab of almost 1/2". Some of that can be made up by tweaking the baseboard and fluffing the carpet but I still had a couple of spots with a small gap between the baseboard and the carpet.

I would be more concerned with carpet over dricore. Do you have a moisture problem?
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I have Rarely seen flat floors while installing many a baseboards, especially concrete.
Either way, some tweeking is involved. It could be a question of either tweeking the base to fit the carpet, or tweek the carpet to fit the base.
You do want your base to look even/straight the entire length of the room. Fluff the carpet to meet the base as you install it.

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