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I want to cover the stairs of my basement with carpet and then hide the gaps (or carpet cut) between stairs and wall. Normally a piece of wood is attached to the wall to do the job. This wood does the samething as a baseboard on a flat surface does, i.e., covering any possible gap (Or carpet cut). First of all what is this wood called in English? And is it custom made for each stair or Home Depot and...have it ready?

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I believe you are referring to a skirt board. It is usually just a 1x12 that is slid between the treads and risers and the drywall. Occasionally it is made out of plywood [ripped to fit] with a piece of moulding set on top of it to dress it up.

If you are wanting a board that is cut out to set over the treads and risers - it would have to be custom made. While there are bldg standards for tread and riser sizes, they vary some so they will fit the house.
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Thanks. Yes I think we are talking about the same thing.
Is skirt board installed after covering the stairs with the carpet ?
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If your stairs do not have a skirt, and you want to make one, you would want to put it on B4 carpet, because the carpet will hide any small gaps where the skirt goes around your treads and risers.

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