wainscoting in bathroom


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wainscoting in bathroom

Is there any brand of wainscoting suitable for a bathroom? I have seen some great photos of bathrooms with wainscoting and would like to try it in my own small bath. (Of course, I'll be tiling around the tub/shower.) The tile on my bathroom walls are 6 feet tall, and I was hoping to find wainscoting that would cover the entire area (and avoid trying to blend new wallboard with the old plaster walls). I read online about vinyl and MDF wainscoting but cannot find any dealers in my area--hoping to find it in 8 ft sheets. If go with MDF, I plan to prime front/back and paint with exterior latex or oil-base paint. (I used oil-base paint on wooden wainscoting in a kitchen years ago with good results.)
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Practically, you can install almost anything in a properly ventilated bathroom.
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What about your local big box store? They should have it there.

No pro around here but:

You want to cover the entire 6 ft. tiled wall w/wainscot? Not sure if I read that correctly. If you do this, make sure you prefit it on there as it will protrude further out. In other words, make sure it will not block anything after the installation. If there are any outlets, switches, etc, you will have to accomodate for that as well. You will definitely have to prep the tile prior to installation. I won't go further into that b/c I'm not exactly sure what you're planning on doing.
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I am not trying to cover the tile with the wainscoting. The tile will come down (along with most of the plaster behind it), so it will be necessary to put up new dry wall. I'm do not think the drywall will be the same thickness as the old plaster, so I'll have to come up with a solution for that. Also, I do not think I have the skills necessary to be able to blend the old plaster with the new drywall, so my remedy was to have the wainscoting up far enough up the wall to cover the new drywall.
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It isn't all that hard to blend drywall and plaster. Sim the drywall so it is level [or almost] with the plaster, tape and finish.

Our local big box stores sell bead board in various sizes - one option would be the 3/8" thick, 4'x8' bead plywood.

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