Exterior casing - filling screw holes


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Exterior casing - filling screw holes

I need to fill in the nail and screw holes in my outdoor baseboard/casings around my garage doors. I live in an all-season climate, going from -40C to as high as +40C. What can I use? I have some left over ready mixed drywall mud, not sure if that would hold up to the weather or not. I plan to use exterior caulking to fill in the some of the voids which I'm pretty sure will withstand the temp variances.
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You could use the exterior caulk to plub the holes in the trim. Just use a small spackling knife to make the patches smooth.
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Caulking will seal the hole but it is difficult to hide it with caulking as it tends to shrink as it dries and is not sandable if you apply too much.

Both painter's putty and window glazing are suitable to fill holes on the exterior. You can also use an exterior spackling. Joint compound is water soluable and will disolve over time [even if painted]

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