size of baseboard moulding


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Question size of baseboard moulding

Is there a rule of thumb or standard about the size of baseboard moulding in relationship to the door casing? I have 2-1/4" style 356 casing around the doors and plan on 3-1/4" style 623 for the baseboard. But I am wondering whether to use 2-1/4" for the baseboard instead. As I am decorator challenged I could use some help on this. Thanks
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8 or 9 ft ceilings? That sounds fine...and the styles are of the same type. Though personally, I like 366 or 442 with 623 base. They are harder to paint or stain though.

I've seen some with casing and base the same, but I just don't like that look. Seems out of proportion somehow.

Large rooms, high ceilings, you can use larger trim, adds richness and detail. Small rooms, you can use smaller trim to make the room seem larger. I've seen them mixed in the same house, but I'm not a fan of that either.

If you like it, then its all good!
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The longer runs of baseboard call for a wider material. I would go with the 3 1/4 in. baseboard.
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Molding Proportion

I like a proportion that roughly equals 1 to 1.7. So 2 1/2 inch casing with 4 1/4 inch baseboard , or 3 inch casing with 5 1/4 inch baseboard.
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2 1/4" casing and 2 3/4" to 3 1/4" base have been used together for years . But it's because that's usually the cheapest stuff available. Problem with going to some taller base profiles is that their thickness sometimes equals or exceeds the outer thickness of the casing, which is a no-no. As long as your base is about 1/8" thinner, you're alright.

Although I wouldn't hold to a specific ratio, I generally agree with Charles that the base should be significantly wider than the casing.
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I do that combination quite often.. reistalled or S&I new..
Works well...!!

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