New baseboard installation...


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New baseboard installation...

I am planning on ripping out the baseboard in my master bedroom and replacing it with new baseboard. I assume I can just pull it off with a hammer and crow bar. Is there anything else I need to consider with pulling it off? For installation of the new baseboard, I have one wall that would require two pieces of board. How do I hide the seam? Also, what is the best way to calculate the angles for the corners? I know I asked a lot but this is my first house and I am not that handy of a guy.
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If the walls have been painted with the mouldings on,you should go aroud the edge where the moulding meets the wall with a razor blade. If you don't,you can pull up the paint. Where the two peices meet,miter both edges at 45* to meet.
To get the angle,you can buy tools for that at most hardware stores.
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Do you have a miter saw/box? how do you plan to cut the baseboard?

After cutting the caulking loose, use a piece of scrap plywood behind the crow bar to keep from damaging the wall.

btw- welcome to the forums!
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To keep from damaging the wall be sure to use a scrap piece of wood, long enough to span a couple of studs, about 20" should do. It will give you a sturdy base to pry against without punching a hole in the wall.
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"How do I hide the seam?" cut both base boards at a 33 or a 22 whatever your miter will set at and wood fill.

Cope the corners and the angle won't matter very much especially if it is painted base.

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