Which comes first, paint or nails?


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Which comes first, paint or nails?

I have a very large house to trim and hang about 15 doors. The house is about 3000 SQ. I know this might just be a matter of preference, but, should I paint all the trim and doors first or nail and caulk them, then paint them while there up?

I usually use BEHR high gloss white for the trim, it turns out like porcelain. However I need to squeeze a tight budget on this one, any suggestions on a good and cheap alternative?
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Everyone tends to have their own way of doing things. If the doors are already primed, go ahead and apply first coat. Second coat can be applied after installation. If not primed, go ahead and prime and apply first coat. After installation, set the nails, caulk and apply final coat.

I always painted walls first and trim and doors last. That way, should the roller accidentally bump the trim, I did not worry. I did, however, wipe immediately with damp rag anyway. I guess I always looked at the trim as the icing on the cake, and that goes on last.

If it one thing that most have agreed upon here in the forums over the years is that a person should buy the best paint, brushes, and rollers that budget will allow.

You say, "I usually use BEHR high gloss white for the trim, it turns out like porcelain." You sound like a person who knows their paint as well as what they like. If you settle for less, you will never be happy.

Cut something else out of the budget. Don't go out to dinner for a while. Pack your lunch for work; it will be more healthy anyway. Wash and iron your dress shirts at home to save on the dry cleaing bill. Set your heat back to save on utilities. Cut out paper towels, use washable ones. There is something you can sacrifice to get the paint and the look you love for your woodwork.
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While I prefer to prefinish stained/natural woodwork before installation, I've never had any problems with painting the doors/trim after installation but me being a painter, it's usually the carpenter the hangs the woodwork

My SOP on new homes has been to spray primer on walls/ceiling, let the carpenter do his thing, then return to prime, caulk, putty, sand and enamel. I'll finish paint the ceiling, crown moulding, windows and doors/trim, then the walls with the baseboard last.

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