Question on Molding types


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Question on Molding types

I apoligize if this has been answered, I looked around the forum, but nothing seemed to address this question.

This weekend i mounted my LCD on the wall. To distribute the weight, and span 2 studs in the wall, I had to bolt a sheet of 3/4" plywood to my wall, and i then mounted the TV to the plywood. The plywood is finished and painted, and i want to frame the panel with molding, to give it the finished look.
So my question is, what kind of molding would be able to be flush against the wall, and overlap the plywood a small amount. The only power tools i have are a drill and a dual-saw (giveaway from old job). I dont have a router, or access to one, so suggestions that wouldnt require one are appreciated.

The final effect i want is somewhat of a blank picture frame behind the tv.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions
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I'd probably just use some outside corner....inexpensive and simple...4th one down here...

Molding Accessories, Corner and square moldings

Should be available anywhere in 11/16 x 11/16..that would be just about the right size.
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I read it to be 1 and 1/16", if so it would be too big unless you rip it down with a table saw.

Another option would be to use a 3/4" moulding and band the plywood with that. You could even use moulding that's only 1/2" thick, by the time you install it and caulk it - the plywood edge won't be viasible.

Mirror moulding would overlap the plywood a little but it's not thick enough to lay flat on the wall. You'd have to install a thin strip of wood under it to make it work.
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You both read it wrong, it says 1 1/16" x 1 1/16' x 16ft LOL.

Actually 1 1/16" is the outside dimension, it's surely 3/4" inside, which is the thickness of plywood that it would cover.

Just look for outside corner at the lumberyard / big box store. They might even make it in that white iso-foam that you could cut with a hand saw. You'd want to miter the corners as you go around your piece of plywood. You could glue it on with foam adhesive.
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Jeez. guys...I was only using that as an I couldn't get just the pic to I linked it to just show the profile.

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