Fake Wainscoting?


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Smile Fake Wainscoting?

Ok - I am trying to find someone to tell me how to make super glossy paint look like wainscoting. My house (and it is not a low end house), has what appears to be wainscoting in the dining room and foyer and when you really examine it, it is nothing but painted to look like wainscoting and then has the chair rail and the bottom thick floor molding. It looks really nice too and I want to duplicate that in another room in my house. The paint that the builder used (6 yrs ago) is no longer carried by Porter Paints. It was oil based. They are now using Acrylic. My problem is I painted my archways and used a primer and two coats of this paint. While it is glossy like I wanted, it is not as smooth as the "wainscoting" that was painted. Is there a way to get that smoothness? I hope I am explaing myself clearly. Before I paint a wall with this, I want to make sure there is not something else I need to do to prep the walls or something. thanks for your help.
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I've painted lots of homes with the faux wainscoting like you have.

First we need to determine why your paint job didn't come out slick. Was it sanded properly? A fresh coat of paint doesn't do a lot to make a rough surface smooth. Ideally you would sand before and after priming along with a light sanding between the 2 coats of enamel. Always remove the sanding dust before painting!

It's also possible there is trash in the paint. This can be rectified by straining the paint. An open window or nearby HVAC register can blow dust into the wet paint

How did you apply the paint? a roller can leave a stipple unless tipped out with a brush. A quality brush will help to level the paint out better than a cheap brush. Thinning the paint slightly can also help it to flow better. Latex enamels will have a little less sheen than their alkyd counterpart.

almost forgot welcome to the forums!
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thank you

Thanks so much for your help and suggestions. I did not sand the arches! I guess I just assumed since the house has been around for a few years, that I did not need to do that. They look fine so I am ok with that. But when I start the bathroom like I want to do, I will sand it first. I thought of that after the fact, but it was too late. I did use a roller since it was inside the arches and it was easier not to get the paint on the walls I just painted! I am just a do-it-yourselfer - female, so it is not perfect, but for the money I saved, it looks great. I am about 90% pleased with it.

Thanks again! I can't wait to delve into more projects and use this board for information!

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